About Me

Hi Friend! I'm Sarah! 

Wife, mama to three, and daughter of the King. Welcome to my living room. Ignore the dust...I like clean, but often forget to dust! If you stopped by my house on an average day, you would see the kids working on homeschool, me juggling working this creative business from home, and probably a few dishes in the sink that I've put off until this evening. 

I am in a most comfy t-shirt, and leggings, and rocking a messy bun. You probably smell the diffuser running with citrus essential oils, and we have oddles of sweet tea to serve you. Would you like a glass?

Leave your shoes by the door and come on in. We are pretty casual here. You'll see piles of books in various places, and if you're like me you will sneak a peak to see what they are. Go ahead, I don't mind. I love to read, so there are books in most every room. 

The kids can take a break and play and we can sit an chat, while we sip our sweet tea or coffee. Watch out for the legos as you walk, or the numerous doll clothes! I'm glad you're here, let's chat! 

So, how did I end up in this small business? Well, I'm glad you asked. Truthfully, I began to dream of helping moms, especially homeschool moms. I began to dream about helping christian moms, as they meet the challenge of disciplining their kids. It started with a little sticker...and grew! And I am so excited for all that is to come! 

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