About Me

Hi! I'm Sarah, the voice and the creative artist behind Dandelion Inspired. 

As a busy mom working hard to establish both a writing and creative artist business, I hit a place of feeling stuck. The two ideas didn't seem to go together very well and I wasn't sure how to bring them together or if I was doing too much.

You see I'm a class A overachiever. So its way to easy for me to get too busy. But we had taken huge steps as a family to change how much time we had together.

We had just moved out of our big house (which I totally don't miss, especially having to clean it!) and moved into our 26ft travel trailer. Seems crazy right. Well, I was beginning to wonder if it was. How was I ever going to get any work done and figure out these businesses?

Then a little nudge from the Lord caused me to look behind our camper at the field and see the beautiful green grass of spring, and a field of yellow. The yellow was dandelions, but I didn't care, it was still beautiful.

I took a picture and posted my thoughts that day on social media. It was a step because I was working at writing real authentic captions and not just posting random pictures.Its scary putting yourself out there! 

Later that day, my sweet 2 year old came into our home (26ft travel trailer) proudly carrying 2 dandelions for me. I stopped, told her thank you and gave her a hug. She wanted me to smell them, so I promptly complied.

That moment put such a smile on my face. Later that night while I attempted to drift off to sleep, it came to me. We all need dandelion inspired moments. We need moments that help us pause and see God working. We need moments that we see God moving in our lives. We need to see the big and the seemingly small. We need to stop and smell the dandelions.

And with that Dandelion Inspired was born.