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1 Month Nomadaversary - Celebrating our first month of RV living!

Well friends, we did it! On May 1st we left our 3500 sq foot house (by the way most really was wasted space or unused) and moved into a tiny 26 ft travel trailer. For years now, I have followed accounts of other families traveling full-time like this and only dreamed of doing it ourselves. I followed tiny home shows, toured them when possible, but now this was our reality.

For the passed month we really haven't done all the exciting things you would expect in this life style, we have just settled in. We've learned how everything works in our camper, fixed leaks, sewn curtains, made a couch cushion, and on the list goes. It may sound strange, but since it's our home, we needed to take the time to make it feel that way. So that's exactly what we have done. And we are not completely finished yet, I still have some finishing touches, and a bathroom to paint! 

Life this month has been slowing down, just as we wanted it too. One of intentional reasons in transitioning to this lifestyle, was to slow down for my time together. We took more time to play with our kids, more time to read books, more time to play games, more time to laugh, and more time to have fun together as a family. 

Our summer plans are in place, but with everything going on in America right now, we stay flexible. We'll keep you posted as we go along! 

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